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The Holy Compass, John Storm cures Pope Peter-Benedict of cancer







Following China and Russia plotting together to destabilize the world economy, to their advantage. China timed the release and propaganda drive, to push the west to virtual lockdown with their COVID 19 virus.


Ramping up borrowing, Australasia, Europe and the Americas falling for the Red feint like a ton of bricks, predictably, the west lining their pockets with procurement backhanders, blinding them to the realities.


In advance, Russia built up their supply of gas and oil, making Europe dependent on cheap Red energy, also hypnotizing India, who gorged on discounted crude and fertilizer. The agenda being to strike when the economies of their adversaries was at the weakest, allowing Vladimir Putin to walk into the Ukraine unopposed, as part of their imperialist empire building. While China angled to invade Taiwan having financially crippled the USA, so cornering the computer chip market. Or, so they thought.

Fortunately, the West tumbled the plan just in time to prevent complete economic meltdown and Communist domination, recognising that appeasement policies had utterly failed. Escalation, almost ended in thermonuclear annihilation. But a warrant for the former FSB officer, was enacted, with Putin being charged as a war criminal.


It would be a long uphill struggle to quash cyber attacks, and rebuild equitably. All the while searching for an edge. Enter John Storm and CyberCore Genetica. The answer to a maiden's prayer.




In this (fictional) John Storm adventure, the ocean adventurer is also an amateur Paleo Anthropologist. He is near obsessed with his DNA collection called 'The Ark,' that is safely stored onboard his trusty ship, the Elizabeth Swann, protected by an armory of security measures.

Having been injected with a super virus, John Storm became DNA enhanced. This was during his efforts to save a replicated Cleopatra VII, after her sarcophagus is discovered by a group of scientists, bent on displacing the present corrupt systems of government, with a new species of super-human, incorporating the Macedonian royal bloodline, ruling class of Ancient Egypt.

Our hero also recovers a super-nano-computer called CyberCore Genetica™ which, when coupled with Hal, the Swann's onboard AI, John Storm recognizes that he can recreate virtually any species of flora or fauna. Including splicing and defect corrections, an act of creation.

Following this extraordinary discovery, John realizes that it is theoretically possible to halt the ageing process. Meaning that everlasting life is possible. Incredibly, a distinct possibility, over and above mere superstition and spiritual hocus, pocus. This is scary real science in the making.

In addition, the replication of the former Queen of Egypt, serves as proof positive, that there are several potential routes to achieving everlasting life. A prospect that would seriously disturb the Vatican, Catholic Church and many other religions. Giving man, the divine spark, in the process diluting absolute divinity. Making John and Cleopatra somewhat sought after for their DNA, potential gods, rather than mere mortals. Although, they are very much mortal.


The concept is put to the test, as John and his crew cure Pope Peter-Benedict of stage four cancer. Convincingly demonstrating that the technology works.

It is an interesting concept, that our hero is having difficulty coming to terms with. Being a naturalist, John leans towards maintaining the status quo. Not interfering with nature. And not allowing any group, agency, or government to control such technology. Where power corrupts, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely. To wit, Henry VIII and Adolf Hitler proclaiming their word to be law.

In this series, the CIA had already tried to kidnap Cleopatra, conspiring with MI6 and other agencies. It is not long before some of the mega-rich retirees, and other wealthy world leaders, attempt to steal the Ark and replication cloning technology, to give themselves another lifetime on the planet, or even a shot at everlasting life. But there are other factors.

John and his crew do not have long to dwell on this, when a new adventure begins. A quest to put replication out of reach of the antagonists, plotting to acquire what they see as the Holy Grail for themselves, the Cup of Christ, and the one thing that they could not buy with all of their money; eternal life. In preparation for future struggles, John corrects the defects in his new genome, to create a new species: Kanis Rex - Homo Sapiens Superior, or king of the apes. Significantly speeding up human evolution in the process. He is going to need an edge.




His adversaries combine to destroy John's credibility with a malicious prosecution, alleging heritage theft. The aim being to obtain confiscation and tagging orders. Hence, defeating the lofty ideals that prevent John from being corrupted.


Following the discovery of Captain Henry Morgan's treasure, a legal battle royal ensues, where opposing claimants try to force John to reveal the location of the treasure trove. But John refuses to disclose the hiding place, because the claimant's various will not negotiate reasonably. Ultimately, John wins the case, where his opponents cannot prove title to any of the treasures, by way of providence. Their claims are struck out, John being awarded all of the pirates bounty by the International Court, with the proviso that he donates any archaeologically pieces, to an appropriate museum. Something, John had suggested to the Court, by way of compromise. The verdict makes him a very wealthy philanthropist - and psuedo officer of the court, much to the delight of George Franks. When John only started out to survey Port Royal for Blue Shield, as a good deed. Franks is very helpful as an online Mackenzie Friend. 

This infuriates the CIA, MI6, and several mystery bidders, one of which is the richest person in the world, Musket (Klusky) Meloni, whose legitimate (name your price) offers to purchase the life giving technology, are turned down. Mainly, because he has abused his position of trust in the banking world to profit by the labours of others. John is opposed to financial slavery. Indeed, any form of slavery, and most especially cruelty.

Ignoring President Lincoln Truman's order to leave John be, the mystery (so-called) bidders bribe the military in positions of great trust, to help them steal, what they cannot buy.

Whereas, the military want the tech for themselves, to be able to hack the computers of other nations, for superiority in times of aggression, mainly against the unerring Red contingent. Aimed at eventual world domination for the west.


Thus, a double cross is on the cards. Musket Meloni's country estate is targeted, his henchmen machine gunning the intruders. Meloni installs robotic machine gun sentries and SAM missiles. Realising the weaknesses of ordinary accommodation, Meloni sets up a secret bomb proof bunker, equipped with the more powerful AI his money could buy.


Musket Meloni, tries to hack into Captain Nemo, and Hal. A Cyber War ensues, with the richest man in the world throwing all his AI resources into trying to take control of the Elizabeth Swann. And, he is winning. Meloni manages to plant a virus in Hal, that almost succeeds in stealing data from The Ark. Fortunately, Dan uses CyberCore Genetica™ to reverse the virus, Enigma fashion, feeding the Billionaire bogus information, then turning the tables, finding the billionaire's camouflaged steel reinforced concrete lair. In Donald Trump fashion, Homeland Security act on information supplied by John, to arrest Musket Meloni.

Where John, Cleopatra, and the Swann were hard targets; capture or kill. The tables are turned, with President Linc Truman tuning in to thank the adventurer for heading off yet another catastrophe, and re-affirm his continued alliance with John.




The Foundation is eager to begin on this story as a movie screenplay. It's also deemed ideal for networked TV serialization. (Subject to change in development)


Please contact the Cleaner Ocean Foundation to discuss film potential:  jameson@jules-verne.org







2001: A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C Clarke

A to Z of movies - Films with related themes

A to Z of Precious gemstones and metals

Afterlife - Ancient Egyptian belief that life continues after death

AI - Artificial Intelligence, usually based on computers

Alethiometer - A magical horological/compass like, instrument, that tells or shows the truth (in fiction) instead of time/direction

Ancient Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs and pyramids

Angelina Jolie - American actress who played Lara Croft

Apostles - A to Z of the 12 followers and preachers of Christian virtues, Catholic Saints

Ark of the Covenant - 

Ark, The - World's largest & most comprehensive digital interactive DNA database, a catalogue of life on earth

Armageddon - Judgment day, the final battle between good and evil

Artists - Comics, covers and posters

Artwork - Graphic novels

Australopithecus -

Baptism - To be Baptized

Bertrand de Guesclin - French knight 'The Eagle of Brittany' 1320-1380

Bible, Holy - Name of the Christian Scriptures

BioCore™ is a brain implant that is designed to communicate with the CyberCore Genetica nano-computer

Bitcoins - Totally unsupported digital money schemes, offering get rich quick gambling

Black Prince, The - Edward Woodstock, Medieval Knight 1330 - 1360

Blood of Christ -

Blue Shield - International organization to protect archaeological artefacts and treasure, from exploitation & smuggling

Book Chapters - Names of the novel divisions

Brains - Human capacity, size and computing power

Burials - Ceremonies and means by which humans are returned to the earth from whence they came

Cancer - Medical and social cancers, the potential cures, including clean and healthy living

Captain Henry Morgan - Sugar cane plantation, ghostly apparition Palisadoes Cemetery, Jamaica

Charles Darwin - Author of The Origin of Species

Chivalric Order - Knighthood inspired by Catholic military Crusades

Christians - Believers in Jesus Christ, and generally good people

Christmas - The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ

Climate Change - The inescapable consequences of avarice

Cloning - Replicating a biologically identical copy of a living thing from a living or dead subject

Compass - A navigation instrument, that points to magnetic north

Computers - Enigma code cracking machine, Colossus, and Alan Turing at Bletchley Park

Conspiracy Theories -

Cradle of Life - Where human life developed from early man to Homo Sapiens

CRISPR - A viral delivery mechanism for altering the DNA of a living subject

Crusades, The - Religious wars, Christians Vs Muslims, to secure the Holy Lands (Jerusalem)

Cryptocurrencies - Totally unsupported digital money schemes, offering get rich quick gambling

Cup of Jesus Christ - The cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper

CyberCore Genetica™ super nano-computer, and BioCore™ brain implant work together to enhance human abilities

Cyber Wars - Musket Meloni attempts to hack Hal, Dan plants virus in attackers machines, in role reversal

Damnation - The fate of those who wrong others

Dan Brown - Author of the Da Vinci Code

Death - The passing of a biological life form

Disciples - Followers of a faith, especially the teachings of Jesus Christ

Devine Intervention - When a god sees it necessary to pitch in, to change what mankind is doing for the better

DNA - DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, a polymer of two polynucleotide chains that coil to form a double helix

El Cid - Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar - Medieval knight 1043-1099

Elizabeth Swann - An autonomous ship powered by the sun and hydrogen, held to be the world's fastest zero emission vessel

Enigma - A German coding machine used in WWII, cracked by Alan Turing's Bombe computer

Eternal Life - Life everlasting, the hope of many to live longer

Evolution - How life on earth develops and adapts by passing on genetic advantages by natural selection

Excalibur - Mythical, magical sword of King Uther and Arthur Pendragon

Exorcists - The Pope's, Father Amorth 2023 film, Sony Pictures, The Exorcist 

Father - Creator of Life

Films - Featuring these subjects: Da Vinci Code, The Last Crusade

Fossil Fuels - Oil derived gasoline and diesel, coal and gas, cause global warming and respiratory diseases

Galahad, Sir - Knight of King Arthur's Round Table

Genetics - The study of the codes of life, with a view to understanding and modification

Genome - The decoding of DNA strands, most especially relating to humans

George Lucas - Indiana Jones

Glossary - Explanation of subject matter and abbreviations

Godfrey of Bouillon - (The Swan) 1060-1100 First Crusades

Gods - Isis, Jehovah, Ra, Acts of God

Gold Reserves Top Ten - China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, USA

Golden Compass - A guide to a life that points to a pure path for those worthy of the reading

HAL - The onboard integrated AI computer system that guards the Elizabeth Swann, loyal to John Storm

Harrison Ford - American actor who played Indiana Jones, brilliant casting

Holy Ghost or Spirit - Trinity, God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit

Holy Grail - King Arthur's religious Crusades

Homo Erectus - The upright bipedal ape

Homo Habilis - The handy man, tool user

Homo Heidelbergensis - German Man

Homo Sapiens - An advanced species of hominid, modern man

Humans - The only intelligent life form on earth at present

IMF - International Monetary Fund

Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade

Innerspace - The opposite of outer space, the underwater subsea kingdom that is largely unexplored

Jeep Cherokee 4x4 off road truck - John Storm's classic zero emission hybrid conversion

Jesus Christ - In the Christian religion, the son of God, on earth

John Storm - Obsessive DNA collector, amateur anthropologist and Captain of the Elizabeth Swann

Joseph of Arimathea - A secret disciple who arranged for the burial of Jesus Christ after the Crucifixion

Jungle Cruise - Film from 2021, quest for life eternal, Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt

Kanis Rex - Homo Sapiens Superior - Genetically modified humans, the next stage in evolution

King Arthur Pendragon - Legend of the Knights of the Round table, quest for the Holy Grail

Knights Templar - Soldiers of Christ, Order of Solomon's Temple, Catholic military

Kitty-Katie - The ship's fishing cat and mouse catcher

Knowledge - Information gained of the world we inhabit, in a vast Universe

Lancelot, Sir - Knight of King Arthur's the Round Table (also the name of green laser system on E. Swann)

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider - Illuminati & The Triangle 2001, Cradle of Life 2003, Queen Himiko Life & Death 2018

Leonardo Da Vinci - An exceptionally gifted artist and conceptual engineer

Life - The period from being born to dying

Mary Magdalene - Thought to have been the wife of Jesus Christ

Medicine Man - A film about the search for a cancer cure starring Sean Connery & Lorraine Bracco, director John Mc Tiernan

Merlin - The magically accurate targeting system for the Swann's 'Excalibur' and 'Pendragon' self-defence weapons.

Money - A source for good and evil

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - British comedy film from 1975

Moses - Let my people go

Musket Meloni - The richest man on planet earth

Navigation Instrument - A magnetic needle that points to the North Pole in a protective casing

Neanderthal Man - An extinct cousin, subsumed into Homo Sapiens

Nobel Prize - John Storm is awarded this accolade for his work on advancing human knowledge of DNA

Olduvai Gorge - The geographical location where intelligence was born, the cradle of life: Tanzania

Paleo Anthropology - The anthropological study of man's development

Pink (Red) Growth - The spread of cannibalism, as food shortages force the eating of human flesh to survive

Pirates of the Caribbean - Compass that points to what you want most

Planet of the Apes - 1968 film with Charlton Heston

Pope Peter Benedict, Bishop of Rome - Suffering from advanced cancer, Vatican petitions John Storm

Pope, The - Pontiff Benedict XVI is the 265th Bishop of Rome

Population, World  - The number of humans on planet earth, now over 8 billion

Power - Corruption from abuses

Primates A to Z - Evolutionary anthropological taxonomy of apes

Priory of Sion - Guardians of Christ's sacred bloodline (In fiction)

Procreation - A means to regenerate life, over population 8 billion heading to 9 billion humans

Queen Guinevere - Wife of King Arthur (in legend) lover of Sir Lancelot

Quest - For knowledge

Reincarnation - Coming back from the dead

Religions - The many different and varied beliefs of people all over the world

Replicants - A reincarnation of a former human, using an advanced cloning technique

Resurrection - Rising from the dean, a kind of reincarnation

Richard I the Lionhearted - King of England famous for Crusades 1157-1199

Richest & Most Powerful - People on the planet

Robert Guiscard - 'The Crafty' Norman medieval knight 1015-1085

Roman Catholics

Saints - Humans that did good deeds

Salvage Claims - Bogus court case, Hague international court of justice

Salvage, Marine - Odyssey Florida, Court Case 2011, Spain: Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes, Spanish frigate

Sarcophagus - A casket, or coffin used to intern humans

Screenplay - Acts of the John Storm adventure

Scripts - A document that sets out the making of a film

Sir Henry Percy (Hostpur) - English noble knight 1364-1403

Sir James 'Black' Douglas - Scottish 'good' knight (Robert Bruce) 1286-1330

Sir William Marshal - The tournament master (greatest knight that even lived) 1146-1219

Sir William Wallace - Braveheart, Scottish knight - hung, drawn and quartered by English King 1270-1305

Solar Cola™ and Solar Tonic™ - Magical life giving, fortified energy drinks John Storm is partial to when he is parched

Supper, The Last - Jesus Christ and his disciples eating their last meal together

Tanzania - South-East Africa

The Ark - World's largest DNA base

The Cradle of Life -

The Da Vinci Code - Film adaptation of Dan Brown's novel, starring Tom Hanks

The Fly - 1986 horror movie where Jeff Goldblum's DNA mutates into an insect

The Golden Compass - A children's fantasy film starring Dakota Blue Richards, Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig

Tiber, River - Rome, Italy

Total Recall - 1990 science fiction film starring Arnold Schwazenegger & Rachel Ticotin, Carolco TriStar pictures

Trademarks - Elizabeth Swann ES, John Storm JS, Kulo Luna, Solar Cola

Trillionaires - Wealth taxes for failures to invest ecologically

Uncharted - Film from 2022, starring Tom Holland and Mark Whalberg

Upanishads - Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit

Vatican - The City, St Peter's Palace, Roman Catholic Church, Holy See home to the Pope

Water - Support for all life on Earth

Wealth - The root of all evil

World Gold Council - Market development organization for mining companies, jewellery retailers, shares


Xmas - A abbreviation of Christmas

Yoga -


















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