Another great film made possible by the inclusion of several household name brands.




Over the course of many years the original Terminator film from 1984 developed into a superb franchise, where the products embedded in the movies changed brands over time, for example from Coke to Pepsi.


Arnold Schwarzenneger was superbly cast as the Cyberdyne robot sent from the future to kill Skynet's enemy; John Connor, before he is born. After the success of the original film, manufacturers queued up to ensure they were in the scripts. Most memorable, Nike is the first product we see, after the shock revelation that Arnie is not human, but a machine.





Other brands include Coke, Sprite, MacDonalds, Gargoyles, Sony, TDK, Toshiba and even Tampax. This is just the first movie. Production stepped up in quality with the second movie, making it worth investing in Blu-Ray, where the original DVD is not that great and does not get better with transfer to the blue medium. The same can be said of many movie originals. Of course, because at the time of making they did not know they were onto a winner. So, the budget was lower.


With the combination of Arnold, the superb Terminator robot and successful box office, the film makers could set their sights higher.





In the first Terminator movie we see many familiar brands from electronics to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). The first brand placed in the movie is the Nike sneakers.





When colleagues of Sarah Connor learn about the death of a woman with the same name they invite her to watch the news where we see a can of Sprite.





When Sarah returns home and talks to her friend Ginger Ventura, we see a pack of Tampax, a Procter & Gamble brand.





When the police chase Reece, we see the McDonald’s logo. Later we see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character wearing Gargoyles glasses.





During the interrogation of Kyle Reese we see Sony and Toshiba brands of the VCR and TV.





Near the movie’s end we see Coca-Cola vending machine in the motel area, where Sarah and Kyle stay to hide. And then we see it again at the gas station in Mexico. And finally when Sarah makes a recording for John we see that she uses TDK audiocassette. A Mexican boy takes an instant photo of Sarah (the photo that will travel a lot through time and movie series) using Kodamatic 940 camera produced by Kodak. Sarah is driving a Jeep Wrangler.






Beat that!


Apple (Beats) - Transformers (Age of Extinction)

Aston Martin - James Bond

AT&T - Back to the Future

BMW - James Bond (Skyfall)

Budweiser - Star Trek (Into Darkness), That's My Boy, Top Gun

Burger King - Iron Man

Cadillac - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Chevrolet - Captain Marvel

Coca Cola - Superman, Just Like Heaven, Blade Runner, Jurassic World

Converse (All Stars) - I Robot

Dell -

Doritos - Wayne's World

Dr Pepper - Forrest Gump

Etch A Sketch - Toy Story

Fedex - Castaway

Ford Fusion - James Bond & New Girl

Ford Mustang - Bullitt

Gargoyles - The Terminator

General Motors - Transformers

Geostorm - Mercedes

Google - The Internship

Harley Davidson - Terminator 2

Hasbro - Battleship

Heineken - James Bond (Skyfall), Austin Powers

Hershey (Reece's Pieces) - ET

Hyundai - Knives Out

IHOP (International House of Pancakes) - Superman (Man of Steel)

IKEA - Fight Club

Jack Daniels - Basic Instinct

Jaguar - The Italian Job, James Bond, Austin Powers

Jeep (Fiat Chrysler) - Hard Target, Bourne Identity

Kawasaki - Top Gun

Krispy Kreme - Power Rangers

Lamborghini - The Italian Job

Land Rover -

Lego - The Movie

Lotus - James Bond

MacDonalds - Mac and Me, Kingsman

Manalo Blahnik - Sex & The City

Mattel (Barbie Doll) - Toy Story

Mercedes - Jurassic World

Mini Cooper - The Italian Job

Nike - Back to the future, White House Down, The Terminator

Nintendo - K9, Sweetheart, Captain Marvel, Back to the Future

Nokia - The Matrix

Old Forester - Kingsman (The Golden Circle)

Panasonic - Joker

Pepsi Cola - Back to the Future

Pizza Hut - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wayne's World, Back to the Future

Playstation - Fast & Furious, Runaway Jury

Prada - The Devil Wears Prada


Ray-Bans - Top Gun, Risky Business

Reebok - Jerry Maguire

Royal Caribbean International (Allure of the Seas) - Jack and Jill

Samsung - Jurassic World

Sony - Jumanji (Welcome to the Jungle, The Next Level)

Starbucks - Austin Powers

Toshiba -

Toyota - Back to the Future

Twinkies - Zombieland

US Navy - Top Gun

Verizon - Jurassic World

Wilson - Castaway

Xbox - Hair Care Products, Real Steel

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